Photography notes

I have come to one of the camera decisions that I hemmed and hawed about earlier. I ordered a Canon SD450 last night to become my new “carry everywhere” camera. It should be here next week before I go on vacation to the Keys the following week. Now I just need to decide which additional lens or lenses to buy for the Digital Rebel and whether or not to replace it sometime next year with an EOS-20D.

I have also run across some good new blogs about photography. Bookmark these if you’re so inclined:

Adventure Photography

Still more new photos

I posted one event album and started a new ongoing album in the past week or so.

  • My goal for “Dailies” is to post a new (or old) photo everyday. It could just be a grab shot from that day. It could have something to do with a recent event. Or it could be related to an anniversary of a past event.
  • I went to the Jacksonville Holiday Boat Parade & Fireworks this past Saturday night. I took the tripod, a folding chair, and a meatball sub from Firehouse. I’m pleased with the pictures. The panoramas were a surprise discovery while editing the images the next day. I may print the red one at 12 inches tall to see how it turns out.

Yesterday I found a possible solution for transferring my old online gallery to Flickr as mentioned previously. I haven’t had a chance to take a close look at it yet though. I am also weighing a couple of different options for displaying Flickr sets within the context of this site. The first thing I tried didn’t work quite right, but I didn’t thoroughly troubleshoot it.


Camera conundrum

I’ve been thinking lately about making some changes to my stable of photo equipment. Here’s what I’ve been mulling over:

Doing some combination of the second and third items is the most likely scenario. I like the specs of and wouldn’t hesitate to recommend the S2, but I think it would have some shortcomings in my work.

Of course, I may do nothing and just be suffering from what Dad would call “money burning a hole in my pocket.”

Adventure Bicycling Photography

More new photos on Flickr

I’ve been busy in recent weeks posting some new photosets on my Flickr account. I haven’t started moving the gallery photos there yet though. The new albums on flickr are:

  • Strays ride the Feagles – Yes, we did this ride six weeks ago, but this day we rode it in the opposite direction. A resident on the route who must be accustomed to bike tours going by even told us we were going the wrong way.
  • Night ride on the G-H Trail – We had permission for a night ride on the Gainesville-Hawthorne Rail Trail under the nearly full moon. The mosquitoes were a lot more numerous than I thought they would be given the temperature.
  • Las Vegas – SPJ Convention – I went to Las Vegas in October to work for the Society of Professional Journalists producing webcasts of selected sessions from the convention. I didn’t have a whole lot of time to run around taking pictures and the weather didn’t cooperate during the latter part of the trip, but I came home with some good shots.
Photography Site news

Micanopy Fall Harvest Festival pics posted

Under the oaks, II have added a set of photos to my Flickr site with photos from the Micanopy Fall Harvest Festival today. The festival was definitely more crafty than artsy than in years past, and I prefer the latter so I wasn’t there as long as I otherwise may have been.

Photography Site news

Goodbye Gallery, Hello Flickr

I made a decision yesterday to switch from posting my photos here on this site using the Gallery package to upgrading my Flickr account to “pro” status and posting my photos there.

Everything will eventually move, but that will take some time. I hope to come up with a solution so that someone coming in off an old bookmark or outdated search result will be properly redirected from here to at least the appropriate gallery on Flickr.

Bicycling Photography

A cavalcade of cycling photos

October was a busy month for cycling photography and hey, I actually had my road bike out of the garage twice. Here’s the gallery list:

  • Horse Farm Hundred – October 2. I drove a support vehicle that day, but I also stopped and occasionally took pictures.
  • Strays ride the Feagles – October 8. The Strays group met up south of Lake City and rode some very scenic roads roughly in between there and High Springs.
  • Strays ride from Hawthorne – October 29. The ride I try to lead at least several times a year out in my neck of the woods.


Friends Hurricanes Photography Weather

Wilma meets Erin

I noticed Monday that my good friend Erin had posted photos from her neighborhood in Davie (a Ft. Lauderdale suburb) showing damage from Hurricane Wilma. I heard from her via e-mail Tuesday evening. This one was a Yahoo! Editors’ Pick. And this one was shown on CNN Monday afternoon.

They have no power and no phone (landline or cell), but their DSL link somehow stayed up and she was able to post these while her iBook still had charge left in it.

Adventure Photography Site news

Butterfly Rainforest photos now online

Blue Morpho butterfly in the rainforest.As I noted on the description of the first gallery, a personal FAQ of the past year has been “Have you been to the Butterfly Rainforest yet?” I could have gone anytime, but there was one person I wanted to go with the first time and that confluence of schedules didn’t happen until July 16, 2005. So check out my photos from my trip with Dana to the Butterfly Rainforest.

The very next weekend, Mom came to visit and the day after we went tubing, I took her on a visit to the Rainforest and took another bunch of pictures.

And for those who don’t know, the Butterfly Rainforest is a wonderful attraction at the McGuire Center for Lepidoptera Research at the Florida Museum of Natural History at the University of Florida.

Bicycling Photography Site news

Cycling club Labor Day picnic photos posted

Rob takes a group photo with Newnan's Lake in the background.It was a good bike ride and picnic for the Gainesville Cycling Club today, here are the photos. I rode 33 miles with the Strays, my usual group. The last part of the ride was aided by a nice tailwind courtesy of tropical weather in the Atlantic off South Florida. My banana pudding disappeared very rapidly.