Adventure Photography

Still more new photos

I posted one event album and started a new ongoing album in the past week or so.

  • My goal for “Dailies” is to post a new (or old) photo everyday. It could just be a grab shot from that day. It could have something to do with a recent event. Or it could be related to an anniversary of a past event.
  • I went to the Jacksonville Holiday Boat Parade & Fireworks this past Saturday night. I took the tripod, a folding chair, and a meatball sub from Firehouse. I’m pleased with the pictures. The panoramas were a surprise discovery while editing the images the next day. I may print the red one at 12 inches tall to see how it turns out.

Yesterday I found a possible solution for transferring my old online gallery to Flickr as mentioned previously. I haven’t had a chance to take a close look at it yet though. I am also weighing a couple of different options for displaying Flickr sets within the context of this site. The first thing I tried didn’t work quite right, but I didn’t thoroughly troubleshoot it.