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Most popular content, 3Q 2008

I don’t post here often enough. I realized the other day when I was thinking about posting this that I haven’t posted one of these in a year. I hope to be able to start writing here and on the work blog more often.

Without further adieu, the most popular content here for the third quarter of 2008, according to Google Analytics, is:

  • MyCokeRewards vs. PepsiStuff – The post I sometimes wish I had never written. It’s number one with a bullet and far outpaces everything else on the site. Readers seem to like to comment on it, too, but I recently turned those off. The truth is, I pretty much stopped drinking the stuff over a month ago in an effort to resolve a health problem (tinnitus). It didn’t relieve the problem, but I don’t feel any worse for not having all that caffeine and aspartame running around my system so I now only very moderately consume diet cola and unsweet tea. I had a thought while preparing myself to write the post that you are reading of trying to dethrone it by writing something like, “Divorce – one man’s strategy.”
  • Ichetucknee Springs tubing photos – My first attempt at writing a post with the expressed intent of collecting search engine traffic. It worked. I’m currently number three behind two official pages if you use the post title as the search term.
  • Geotagging photos for Flickr with Mac OS X and a Garmin GPS – This makes me happy as it’s the type of writing I would like to do more of around here.
  • Micanopy Fall Harvest Festival pics posted – Must be all search engine traffic.
  • JBL On Stage II comments – I’m pleased to see another recent techie product-oriented post make this list.

The old photo gallery still gets a bit of traffic here, too. One of these days I may actually finish moving all that stuff to Flickr (some of it’s duplicated), properly handle redirects, and get a nice solution in place for displaying the Flickr stuff here. Some day, maybe.

The most-viewed old photo galleries here in this time frame were:

Tubing, bicycling and butterflies — yeah, that sounds like me.

If you’re interested in what search terms bring traffic here, they would be:

  • Pepsi stuff, MyCokeRewards, and related terms.
  • Ichetucknee tubing and variations thereof.
  • Digital photography presentation – leading here.
  • Micanopy Fall Harvest Festival and variations thereof.