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Someone* IM’d: “I didn’t know you watched business shows; you’re so well-rounded :)”

The comment above was made in response to a comment I made about a fund I have in my retirement portfolio being picked as a good fund to have this year on one of my favorite TV shows, Cashin’ In on the Fox News Channel, which airs Saturday mornings as part of The Cost of Freedom block of business shows. If I’m home and inside on Saturday morning, they’re on, at least as background noise for whatever I’m doing. When I win the lottery, I’m calling Jonathan.

Since I previously commented here on what I watch, the IM above prompted me to think and write about other things I watch besides network series.

About the only other thing I still regularly watch on Fox News (especially now that Kiran Chetry has departed for CNN) is Fox News Watch, a great panel-discussion show where they “cover the coverage” of the week’s stories.

I get my evening network news from NBC and Brian Williams. I got interested in them sometime post-Katrina after reading somewhere on the net about their blog, The Daily Nightly, and checking it out.

I watch Good Eats on the Food Network.

I watch This Old House on PBS and This Old House Classics on DIY Network.

In other notes since I last wrote….

SciFi has moved Battlestar Galactica to Sundays at 10 from Friday. It now faces off with Brothers & Sisters, which I now TiVo (and have a couple of unwatched episodes queued).

I somehow got hooked on 24.

Fox put Standoff on hiatus and I read this week (doing my research for this) that it will return this Spring on Friday nights, which usually is a death knell, unfortunately.

That’s all for now.

*Name withheld to protect the innocent because if I publish the name, someone will be a real jerk and take it out on the innocent.