Mario, 9 Sep 1990 – 12 Jan 2007

R.I.P., MarioMario was put to rest Friday morning, 12 Jan, at the vet’s office. He was 16. He had been in a state of neurological decline for several weeks. His vet felt that he probably had a brain tumor, given the variety of symptoms he presented which included seizures, tremors, and weakness in his hind legs. He also had congestive heart failure and a history of a murmur. Thursday evening his breathing became more labored and then he couldn’t get himself up to go out before bed. When I carried him to the yard and set him down squarely on all four legs, he couldn’t make his back legs move to walk and the expression on his face told me it was time. Christmastime marked 11 years with him as a member of my household. I’ve spent quite a bit of the weekend decompressing, emotionally, and also cleaning the house. I imagine that reality may strike me again when I get up to go to work Tuesday morning and don’t have to go through the routine with him for the first time.

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