Just so I don’t go “Oh for March” here

It all started just after my last post, when I undertook a major yard project during the last weekend of February and the first weekend of March. You can check out the photos here or on Flickr. During part two of the operation, I must have inhaled a whole bunch of allergens and other lung irritants because I came down with a bad case of asthma.

I’d feel good after a couple of days, then I’d overdo it somehow, then I’d feel worse again. Rinse. Repeat. The first overdoing of it was a day trip to Tampa for a Yankees Spring Training game. Then the next day I was off to Mom’s for the weekend to see my nephew in Pippin at his high school. The following Tuesday, 10 days after it started, I went to the doctor about it. Two weeks of inhaling steroids later, I finally felt back to normal.

I missed no work and was actually very busy and productive all month, see that blog. It left me without much energy for writing or photos here though.