Favorite free photo utilities

Justin asked me the other day if there was an easier way to process a bunch of digital photos for e-mail (downsizing them) rather than opening each one in an editing program, resizing, and resaving by hand.

That got me to thinking about what my favorite free photo utitilities are and here they are (one for Macs, one for Windows, and a Java one that’s cross-platform).

ThumbsUp (Mac)
This is what I told Justin to download. Configure it, drag your big files onto it, and you are presented with a folder of files resized to your specifications.
IrFanView (Win)
I don’t use this much at work since I almost always have Photoshop open, but it’s great if you need a quick view or transformation. I tell my Windows-using, digital-camera-owning friends that this “swiss army knife” should be their first download.
JAlbum (Java, multi-platform)
Not a simple viewer or utility, but a great web photo album creator. If you’re handy at coding pages, in no time at all you can build a “skin” that matches the rest of your web site.
Gallery (web application)
Gallery is what I use to run the online photo gallery here. It has received quite a few files that were processed with ThumbsUp. You gotta have your own web site to run it.