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I’ve written before about photographer, author, and editor Derrick Story and how much I enjoy his podcast. He took things to another level back in May (this post has been stuck in “draft” for far too long) when he started up The Digital Story group on Flickr where members can share their photos, critique those of others, and post questions and answers in the discussion board.

I joined the first week and the group now has over 400 photographers as members. I haven’t found enough time to go through them the past few weeks and want to make a better effort at doing so. I don’t know when Derrick finds time to sleep.


I’m not that Craig

I noticed some interesting search-engine driven hits while reading the web traffic reports for this site over the past week. I’ve actually gotten some traffic as a result of the political downward spiral that Sen. Larry Craig has found himself in. I’ve received hits on the seach phrases “what craig did” and “why craig did it?” At the office this week while the story was breaking, I kept seeing “____ says Craig should resign” all over the news channels in the lab so I looked at Dave at one point and said, “I quit.”

This is not my first experience with politically-driven off-target search-engine hits. Back when Rep. Mark Foley was in his own tailspin, we saw some hits at work on the phrase “Foley humor” because we happen to have a Prof. Foley on the faculty.

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More Ichetucknee Springs tubing photos


It’s been a good couple of weeks that have found me going tubing twice. Will something happen to make it thrice? I don’t know. But here are some more photo sets:

  • Tubing with the Byrneses and Kinseys – 31 July 2007 – One of my best tubing trips ever (but is there such a thing as a bad day tubing?) when my out-of-town cousins came to town and we did the whole thing on a Tuesday, one of the slowest days of the week during Summer.
  • 2nd Strays Ichetucknee Triathlon – 11 Aug 2007 – The most-crowded day I have ever seen there, probably because it’s one of the last weekends before school starts in most counties around here. I went with a group from my cycling club and we rode and picnicked before tubing. I have never before seen the river so crowded. When we were ready to tube at about 1 p.m., the mid-point shuttle had already closed for the day. And when we exited the river, there was a tremendous queue to wait in for the parking lot shuttle. I think I got some cool people photos.

I guess this post could be titled, “It was the best of times and it was the worst of times,” but as I asked earlier, “is there such a thing as a bad day tubing?”

I once again want to give a shout-out to Aquapac for their awesome waterproof case. It seems that every time I break it out in public lately, someone asks me about it and thinks it’s cool.

Related: Ichetucknee Springs tubing photos.

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Most Popular Posts: July 2007

According to Google Analytics, the top five most-viewed posts here during July were:

The most popular photo albums for July were:

I need to post here more often–if for no other reason than to keep certain undesirable visitors entertained. My excuse for July is that half of it was preoccupied by a vacation, its prep and aftermath. I was pretty active on flickr. I have a post about a photography topic that’s been in draft mode for over a month. I should finish it and also write about how I spent my summer vacation. Maybe this week, or maybe not.

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Most Popular Posts: June 2007

According to SlimStat, the top five most-viewed posts here during June were:

A lot of search-engine-generated traffic came in looking for Ichetucknee Springs tubing photos and pictures of caterpillars and butterflies. The most popular of those destinations are:


Meeting the Governor

Meeting Governor Charlie Crist

I spent Thursday and Friday of this past week working at the Florida Press Association/Florida Society of Newspaper Editors Convention held  at the Sawgrass at Ponte Vedra Beach resort. Florida Governor Charlie Crist came to the convention on Friday at lunch time to give a speech, get an award, and sign a bill (but not to eat lunch with us). He loves to have his picture taken and had many taken while he worked the room prior to the speech. He saw me standing there (I was on the ready to get photos of him with my bosses as he approached their table) and came to me and chatted me up. Gary did the honors on this picture.

This is a great example of why you should always have a camera with you.

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Ichetucknee Springs tubing photos

Since, based on web traffic reporting, there’s so much interest in Ichetucknee Springs tubing (and why shouldn’t there be?), I thought I’d collect links to all my photos on the subject in one place.

The first set of photos was taken with a Fuji waterproof disposable film camera with processing and scanning to cd-rom by a local lab. The latter two sets were taken with my old, reliable Canon PowerShot G1 inside an AquaPac case.

Update (12 Aug 2007): Links to new tubing photo sets.

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Dusting off the local Flickr albums

I wrote a while back about switching from the FAlbum plugin for displaying my Flickr albums locally. With the new template, some problems with the other one, and some improvements to FAlbum, I decided this evening to switch back to FAlbum. I hope this weekend to tweak things so they better fit in the template. Enjoy!


Friday morning ‘toons

Too funny to not post here first thing:



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The new look, what do you think?

I’ve been meaning for weeks to switch the template of this site to DePo Clean theme by Derek Powazek. So now I’ve gone and done it. It needed a little more tweaking than I thought it might, but I’m getting figured out. I don’t know yet what I’m going to put in that right column.